Military Veterans

Military Veterans

Operation Victory Program

Now, more than ever, military veterans are looking at the trucking industry as a place to build a new career. In response to their needs, and to add exceptional drivers to our fleet, we are pleased to offer military veterans’ extra advantages through our Operation Victory programs. Throughout our 30+ year history of hiring and training professional drivers, we have valued the additional skills, discipline, and experience military vets bring to the job.


The Covenant Transport Apprenticeship OJT Program is approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs and Registered with the Department of Labor. This allows veterans to utilize their Post 9/11 GI Bill® and receive a monthly stipend from the Department of Veterans while participating in the program.

  • VET 1 – Initial Training – 180 hrs/Professional Trainers Truck
  • $700/week salary (no hazmat)
  • $725/week salary (with hazmat)
  • .62 CPM without hazmat
  • .65 CPM with hazmat
  • $750 week minimum*
  • .69 CPM without hazmat
  • .72 CPM with hazmat
  • $850 week minimum*
  • $1000 week minimum* after 1 year
  • .73 CPM without hazmat
  • .76 CPM with Hazmat
  • $850 week minimum*
  • $1000 week minimum* after 1 year

Each vet will receive a minimum of 1200 dollars per month for their BHA from the VA depending on how much they have used previously BHA amount is based out of Chattanooga. The minimum BAH that veterans will obtain for 24 months is $28,800.


Covenant’s OTR pay scale is based on driving experience. For veterans who have been generally or honorably discharged in the last 7 years, we will be credit service time experience based on the following:

  • 100% of Your Military Drive Time
  • A Veteran with Primary Specialty 35XX, 1391, 88M, 92F, or 2T1X1.
  • Veterans who served in a non-transportation capacity.

If you’re ready to make your transition from the military to a rewarding civilian career in trucking, Covenant has the perfect program to support you!

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